Bridge Constructor App Reviews

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Trains! Trains! Trains!

love the new Add-On, thank you for keeping the game fresh all the time!

Great Game !

Could not stop before I had all levels completed. PLEASE: More Levels, may be a level editor, some szenarios from famous bridges existing in the real world? Thanks !

Everything I Hoped For

Great game. Engaging - fun - and I can see the challenges to come. Hopefully I dont collapse under the pressure.

Logically Challenging

I love that game that makes me think logical!


very helpfull for my project in physique haha


Its everything you loved about playing with blocks as a kid.

Worth it!

Great game! Very fun and very challenging

Love it! Played it on Mac, PC, now iOS.

And am I ever addicted.

Fun for the whole family

Playing this game together has also gotten us interested in making model bridges. Lots of fun.

The Restore Purchases button isnt working

The restore purchases button doesnt do anything when I press it

I love this game! Best bridge builder Ive found.

I love any games that involve engineering and this one is particularly good because it shows the stressed areas of your design in red as the load moves across. Very well done. I generally detest in app purchases but this game can be completed without having to spend so its one of the few that has implemented it well.

Truly great game.

A fun game that challenges your brain.

Pretty good game overall I enjoyed it

Pretty good game overall I enjoyed it for the most part except when they try and do the upgrades and they make it a bit confusing when theyre uploading things from the cloud and stuff like that other not its a good game

So much fun! Bridge Construction is a great challenge...

Thanks for the fun game. Its a good challenge and I like picking it up when no one will play chess with me :)

Not that creative

Need too work on game


Very good

ipad 3, ios 5.1.1

Did not work on ipad 3 with ios 5.1.1.

Bridge Constructor

Very entertaining game! Evaluation: 8/10 -


Game or simulator? Nice to try to build impossible bridge!


Literally third level and it asks "want to try hard mode?" and clicking yes prompts for touch ID. You were going to charge me for something that wasnt even clearly stated? I deleted this immediately.

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